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Why I have Created This Year-long Painting Process ???

There are Several Main Reasons. ✨I'm gonna to start with the Roots & Even the Seeds of it & move to its Trunk, Leaves, Flowers & Fragrances !✨

Pune, India 2003 or 2004, Master Painter Training, Haikus Poetry with Live Music (Open Air Session in Nature)
✨When Your Life is Full of Joy, ✨Unbounded Joy, ✨it is Creative. ✨Then Great Creativity is born in you;✨ then you do something to Contribute✨ to the Evolution of Humanity, ✨to the Evolution of the Whole Universe. ✨Osho ✨💗✨

This is One of my Best Painting Session Memories. We, People of Master Painter Training, was Painting Together, Open Air, in an Abundant Tropical Nature, in a Meditative Place call Buddha Groove (inside Osho Ashraam), with Japanese Live Music & Zen Haikus Poetry Being Declared by the Beauty.Full Voice of Maneesha.

This was soOo GoOod, that it seems the Universe decided to make me the Favor of a Present (I was not aware of in the Moment) & someone shoot a picture of Me in this Magical Painting Session that land on a post card with those words of Beauty from Osho.

Kind of an Invitation to Get Inspired & share my Blessings with People, as I was in the Master Painter Instructor Training (I did it 2 times 2003 & 2004), in fact I did this Painting Training with Meera 6 times. 2x as a Participant, 2x as an Instructor (learning), 2x as an Helper (doing set up, cleaning & Loving support system person for participant).

To put Things in Perspectives, Those Painting Trainings are One of the Best Things that has happen in my Life. What I have Received There, is my GOLD, is the Pure Preciousness for Me, my Life & as I can Contribute to Give & Share with People.

So This is the Seeds, where it All Start, something like 20 years ago.

There are more recent events, that trigger that Desire to Expand my way of Teaching & Sharing Conscious Art, in New Ways, to Reach People where they are & with more Ease.

2016 :: As each year, I intend my Art to Growth, in New Unknown Ways, to make me more Rich, Able to Express, Expand & Cultivate my Beginner's Mind. I took a year long online course with Tamara Laporte. I wanted to learn a bit more about something that was Fun & Dear to my Heart, Drawing & Building Cartoon Characters. I find out, that for me, it was the Perfect Bundle of Blessings I can put my hand on & where I can learn what I wanted. So I did this one year long online course & I thought what a Lovely Way to Reach People & Share Art Classes. In 2015, I did some Painting Classes, with Shilo McCloud, through a CD I bought, but it didn't strike that Obvious Cord of sharing Classes at Distance. Then in 2017, I found this CourseCraft Platform who Allows me to Dream to JUST DO IT !

2017 :: My Art Teacher, Meera Hashimoto, died in a Diving Accident in South Africa. What a Shock this News, that was so unexpected ! She was around 70 years old, but more with the Energy & Passion of a 20 years old Person. It just didn't cross my Mind that she can die one day, that High Level of Intense Energy, Passion, Love for People ... Inviting People to Taste, Feel, Live, Experience Creativity & Express Art ... for People to Know themself Deeply, beyond their culture, tradition, upbringing & conditionnings ... to Free them from Bondages & Limitations, to Open Up ... so they can taste Freedom in Living their Life, Creating Art & have Full.Filling Relationships ! She was 100%, Totally Involved, in Fire, Passing ON this Light of Creation !

2018 :: I'm approaching my 50's & I have this Strong Clear Intention that I don't want to Be on my Birthday Celebration & have a Negative Report on where I am at. I don't want to Cross that Line in Time with unfinished Business ! Knowing what I don't want, Make Perfectly Clear ... what I Want ... to end up with ! So lots of Choices & Decisions have to Be Made. I Decided that to Have a Strong Healthy Body, a type of Body I can Rely on is a Number 1 Priority ! So I Decided to have a Surgery on my both Feets to Clear out more quickly some problems (I had a Major Event at 20's, where I had a Motorcycle Accident, who left me with some issues on my both legs). I'm NOW Really Happy to have made that Choices & Take this Decisions, even I have gone through lots of unpleasant aspects during 1 year (who leads me to a Renewed Higher Level of Gratitude & Appreciation) because Now I'm so much Better & can Enjoy my Feets lots more in a painFree mode & it's Evolving toward more Possibilities to have a Great Functional Good Body. That's a Major Body Update, that gives Ground for my physical abilities to get Better & for me to Enjoy more my Body & All my Life's Aspects !

2019 :: After this First Shift Awakening (2018), I Decided to Create a Process with IMAGERY to help me to Reach my Goals & stay in track "15mn a Day" & why not in the same time do it also for people. So I created 2 online courses in IMAGERY "15mn a Day" & "Perfect Body Weight & Shape :: Health IMAGERY Update", the 15mn a Day was there to Creates Steps for my Year-long Painting Course Project. For that I Drew a Map, to Get a Bit more Clarity, in order to be more Efficient, in my Planning & Working Steps.

Then This Strong Question came up ! Ok ImageIN, you are at 50 & maybe you have 20 years available to Live. What's Matter ? What's Important ? What do you will feel regrets about, if you are on your dead bed & have not DO anything to Create & Live that !

So Then I Started at 70's. Who I want to Be ? What I want to See me Doing, at this Age ? What my Life will look like ? Once that was Clear & I had quite a Crystal Clear Fun Juicy Picture of what I want to end up Being, Doing & Living ! Then I Created Steps from the 70's to the 50's & put there what's Important & steps to make me Go in that Direction.

It's Open to Change & Adjust, but it Gives me a Direction & Remind me what Matter & Why !

Then what was my High Awakening Moment, was I don't want to be at 70's & have the realisation that I didn't share more the Blessings I was gifted by Osho & My Art Teacher.

It's Really Precious & it Matter for Me to Share it. To make it available for the more people, I can Possibly Reach, so it can Be of Benefits of lots People & Bless their Life, their LoOved One, the People they Meet & Allows them to Express more Fully their Love, Expression, the Uniqueness of who they are & what they came to Dream & Offer to Life. That's my Vision, my Highest Call & that's Matter.

It is also, because my Creativity ask me to Expand more, in a quite Different Direction. I want to learn Sewing & Making Clothes. To learn more quickly & easily, I have to Be Connected to the most Juicy Highest Passion Options, so doing Vintage Clothes (40's/50's/60's) is my New Creative Call & where I want to end up doing at 70's.

Passion is the Fuel that Motivates you to Explore ! Some other PIC Experience I had in Pune-India, Great Painting Session with Dancers ... next to my New Creative Friend the Dress-Form to Discover New Landscape & Sensations !

But This Painting Blessings can't just end ... in Me & with Me ✨💗✨

I have to Do my Best, to share the Seeds & then let the Universe with the Wind of LoOove spread it, to All Corners of the World, so it can Land, Growth, Flower & Deliver it's Fragrances in the Most Beauty.Full & Auspicious Place there is ✨💗✨... it may Be YOU ! ✨💗✨


With LoOove✨ Blessings ✨ Urmila✨

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