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How to Be more Creative & Why ?

What is Creativity ? Is it a substance you get addicted to, a state of mind, a lifestyle, a superpower, …

Let’s Brainstorm together.

What is it for you when I said the word Creativity ? I am Creative or I am not Creative ? I can or I can’t ?

When I said Creativity, what does it evokes & awakes within you ?

You can it pause, Yes Now, Yes Right Now, or not …

When I hear the word Creativity … it taste Delicious … it feels Magical … it smells like Spring … It open Doors into other worlds, universes, creations, … I feel this Joy & Excitement rising in my Body & my Spirit … I see, feel, words like :

Imagination . Colors . Storytelling . Play . Fun . Curiosity . Freedom . Expression . Art . Artist . Exploration . Adventure . Magic . Infinite Possibilities to Create . Music . Dance. Solutions . Making the World & People’s Lives Beautiful . Uplifting . Essential . Necessary . Creators . Inventors . Innovation . … Just close your eyes & Feel … the Aliveness, Energy, Vitality, of what all those words Evokes … Awakes.

If you feel anything else than good, it means you are under the Spells of those super vilains.

Perfectionnista . Critic KO . FFFFFFearFreeze . BlockAll . Judge Mentor

We will meet them in Episode 5 … but for now let’s ignore them & Focus on the Magic of Little Fairy Best Budy.

So if you feel some wings starting growing, feel light & full of inspirations that means you are under the right spells. The One who surround Creators, Genius, Innovators, inventors, moviemakers … you know all those people who brings awe &admiration … Yes you too can enter the world of Creation & brings some Magic, Light, Joy, Colors, … to the World.

I am here to show you how & why you should consider saying yes to your own creative expression ! Let’s Start with why that matter & it has to become your number one Priority.


It makes you Healthy … Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually more Connected. Health is the Result of the Alignment & working together of all those aspects, it expresses as Energy, Vitality, Passion & Enthusiasm.


It makes you Radiant with Magic, A Presence that people love to be around, that your friends & family benefits from … it creates relationships & connections that are more deep & caring … and when you are alone, it makes you feel Full.Filled.


It makes you experience your daily life more like an adventure than a routine.


It creates Good Feelings, Emotions, States of Mind … and when you have bad ones, you know how to express them in a way that don’t harm you & your relationships … you know that they can turn into Gold.


Creativity is the Perfect Remedy to States of Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Suffering, Fear, Addiction, Isolation … it lift heavy burden, give you a break, can brings healing & transformation !

Ooooh my Gosh Time Time Time to know how to enter Creativity.

Here it is

And you need nothing special

Like tools, techniques, mediums, materials, …

. Just

Close your eyes … Feel your Heart & think about someone you love & care (can be you btw) – how can you create a special moment with this person, a moment that will become a very precious memory in this dear one’s life –

. can be the way you design an evening, weekend, holiday or just 5 mn of quality time, bonding over a drink or a tea, sunrise, sunset, activity … Dream it, carve it intentionally with lots of details, make it a masterpiece moment !

Crafting & Stacking those moments with a friend, partner, kid will create beautiful relationships, deeper loving connections, fulfilling bonds !

And you can even start doing it with yourself, like a 5mn daily adventure.

Let me know … share in the comments section to offer your creativity & provide inspiration for people. Creativity can be an activity, hobby, particular expression, but most of all, it is a state of mind that you cultivate daily, a quality you infuse in every aspects of your life, something that makes you more focus on the joy of turning problems into solutions, than dwelling into negative thinking !

So Remember …


  • Small . Easy . Simple . Achievable

  • Take 5mn a day to dream or more

  • Take 5mn a day to create an adventure or turn anything you do into an adventure.

  • Cultivate & Practice often, it leads to Mastery & Success

« Create an experience for people … to make them feel special, loved, cared, appreciated … create so much of those moments that they start to stack on each other & become a life of happiness. »

Next Episode will take you on the behind the scenes of

Painting, with the Famous Actors « the Brushes » !

Until next time

Fabulous Fellow, Fortunate Friends

Feel Forever Faithful in the Future

Full of Frisky Fantasy & Fun

Fruitfully Be a Blessings For

Friends, Family & Fellow human Beings who share your existence for a while !

Create Moments that are reflections of your Inner Creative Genius !

Thank You to Love, Comment, Share this video & spread Creativity.

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