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Feeling more Connected with Life, is what Meditation & Art can Contributes to Awaken & Transform your Daily Living into a much more Full.Filling, Satisfying Experience of Joy & Appreciation !

Beauty is an Experience that can be found, in any mundane moment of your Day, it is just paying Attention to some Details that we can Focus on. It is like a muscle, the more you train it, the more it is able to function effectively. Meditation & Creativity Awakens you to pay more Conscious Attention to what's surrounds you, all the time, in order to Allow you the Receiving of All the Blessings & Benefits of Life's Beauty, it's Abundance & Diversity !

Your Body is that Awesome Great Instrument embedded with the Super Powers of the 5 Senses Technology that Allows you to Meet, Connect & Be in Relationship with Life, the World & All Life's Forms !

Art makes Possible, the Sensitivity to Growth & Expand, the Attention & Focus to get more Precise, Fine Tune ... to See, Feel, Perceive with more Clarity. Practicing Art not only gives you a Possibility to Express your Artistic Creative Talents & Vision ... it makes you Feel more Alive, Grounded & Loving ! It has so many GoOod side Effects that are Beneficial for your Body, Health, Well-Being & Vitality ! . Photographic Painting :: Movements in Stillness

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