the Workshop

It goes far more Deeper than Only Painting !
Here you are going to Explore YourSelf, Go Beyond your
Comfort Zone & Limitations, Expand your Creativity, Become
Free to Express your Unique Fragrance, Know & Ground in your Being !

22 Days
to Be Free

to Create

Made of  3 Days Section
to make it FUN
to Learn & Integrate
Differents &
Complementary Process

  • Primal Feelings
    Using Energy-Emotions-Feelings as your Friends
  • Primal Forms
    Using the Mind & Judgements
    as your Allies

  • Tuning into Nature
    as your Strenght & Ground

  • Space & Silence
  • as your Access to Infinity 
  • Your Vision Quest
    as your Focus & Guidance

  • Ecstasy
    The Dance of Creation
    Passion-Wild Heart-Fire
    as your SuperPowers

This Process has been created

from the Most Precious Legacy 
I have Received from Osho &

Meera Hashimoto in Pune, India.


Some Elements comes from the

Master Painter Training Process

of Meera, a Painting Intensive

Training of 1 month & half,
that I have been privileged to
be in for 6 years.

  • 2x as a participant 2001/02

  • 2x in the instructor-facilitator training 2003/2004

  • 2 times as being a helper in her intensive 2005/2006

Elements of it are from my own

experience with her painting

process + more than 18 years of my own experiments & Painting

Practice as a painter & teacher.


Other Elements are my own

Creation from 30+ years in the

field of Being a Creative & my

Passion to Explore Creativity !

Original Painting ::
One with Nature (watercolors on paper)
2010 © Shakti Urmila

The Dance of Creation
is also available online on
The One Year
Painting Challenge

Learn, Explore & Paint
from Anywhere, at Anytime

This Online Course provides you the same contents but goes much deeper, as it is designed as a 1-year Creative Process
added with 1on1 private skype session.


Pratibha is not part of this Online Adventure as it is my own Creation, but I felt really inspired to ask her, to co-host the IN Person Workshop, because of her Great Quality of Heart, Spirit & Being an Awesome Person, Artist, Creative that I Feel Honored to know & have been Creating with, in Meera's painting training & soOo Thrilled to work with !

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